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Find What Moves You

It’s time to live your passion and move to the music that moves you. My passion is dancing with swords and fire and my mission is to empower students to incorporate props, weapons and fire into their movement practice; fusing elements of meditation, martial arts and energy work; not only to create powerful, purposeful practice and performances, but also powerful expressions of self

Where Passion and Play Meet

Dance is a universal language that connects us all, and my classes are specially designed to transform the soul/body connection through this language of movement, which dancers can use to express their own creativity and magic; to be and feel more fully expressed in their body and spirit.  

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Belly dance Class
sword circus dancer

Hi, my name is Shauna Jayne....

And my passion is dance.  Dance is my church, my therapy, my path to joy.  As a professional artist and instructor, I have been fortunate to have a rewarding and diverse career, dancing and training with some of the foremost pioneers of modern bellydance, fusion and prop` work; and I am excited to share my experience with you.


I believe that that each dancer, regardless of skill, has something special, authentic and sacred to share; and there is nothing that inspires me more than seeing the light in my students’ eyes and the fire in their hearts when they nail that new technique.


My goal is to create a supportive community and classes that is a safe place where everyone feels safe and appreciated; where all feel welcome to show up authentically, to peel away their expectations of self and others; and bravely share their authentic expression, movement and magic.

Join me for one of my classes, offered both online and in-person, and experience for yourself all that the Bohemian Bellydance world has to offer.